8 people have been arrested in the US for trying to help the LTTE. ⇒

   23 August 2006, early morning

They were trying to buy missiles, were laundering money, bribing officials, and doing that sort of thing. Sepia Mutiny covers this story as well, and also talks about the bombing of the orphanage in Mullaithivu, and the lack of media coverage of the recent violence in Sri Lanka. The problem with Sepia Mutiny is they let their obvious anti-LTTE bias colour what they write. Update: I emailed Parthi to find out why he was quiet in the Sepia Mutiny thread. He replied he's in India. A few minutes later he sent another email, reminding me that one of the people arrested over the past few days went to Waterloo. I know him, and he's a very nice fellow. The Star and the Globe have more to say today about this story.

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