BlogTO discovers the Maid cafe that opened up in Toronto. ⇒

    4 December 2006, terribly early in the morning

I'll save my outrage for when they open one up with two floors and glass ceilings.

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  1. I don’t even know how to respond to your comments sometimes.

    Are all men like this? I’d hope not.

  2. You actually think this is any more scandalous than hooters? Or any other bar where the waitresses where low cut tops, and tight-ass jeans? It’s silly to get worked up over this maid cafe, when most bubble tea places I’ve been to hire pretty girls to serve drinks already. In Tokyo these cafes are way more creepy. This bar in Toronto just has girls in French maid outfits.

  3. iMaid cafe is funny. Its so funny seeing women dressed in french maid uniforms. Also the food is cheap and so is the bubble tea. However destiny is still the best place to go for bubble tea.

  4. a friend mentioned that the phenomenon in Japan includes things like paying the servers to play games with you and them addressing you as “sir” or “master”. In spite of that, it’s the sort of thing that families go to together.

    which reminded me that Medieval Times is much the same thing — guests addressed as nobility, knights fighting for your amusement, and “serving wenches”. And considered here to be a family experience.

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