Txp 1.0 RC3 Available. ⇒

   21 February 2005, late evening

I'll need to muck around with this when I have some free time.

This is a post from my link log: If you click the title of this post you will be taken the web page I am discussing.



  1. I am pretty psyched about the breadcrumbs and a couple other things, but I’ma wait til this thing because an official release. I am just do not have enough technical proficiency to deal with hiccups.

    Mmm breadcrumbs…

  2. I’ll probably not upgrade. I have two different URL schemes working here now, which this new version of TXP doesn’t support. Also, with all the other changes I’ve made it doesn’t seem worthwhile to upgrade. That said, I’ve been running it locally today and it does seem to be a very impressive upgrade to textpattern.

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