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    9 March 2005, mid-afternoon

Apparently the new Kelly Clarkson song is really good, and everyone should have heard it by now. Except, I haven't head it. Has anyone here heard it?

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  1. Well its alright. As it happens, she is a punk wannabe. Marginally better than Ashley Simpson, Lindsay Lohan, etc.

    The song currently stuck in my head is Gwen Stefani’s ‘Rich Girl’. If she is the next pop princess, I am in for the ride.

  2. I liked Gwen more when she wasn’t all popular and girly.

  3. Shima same here. No Doubt were awesome.

    Comparatively speaking, I will pick Gwen over any other pop princess wannabes.

  4. Apparently Kottke likes this song too. Strange. I wonder if it's actually popular, or if its just popular among all these blogger-types.

  5. Is there any common denomintator between Ashley Simpson, Lindsay Lohan and Kelly Clarkson? Just wondering.

  6. I am getting tired of this “me and my friends shit”. I mean this is so high school. What’s next—“Our secret handshake”?

    And this song is not new. Its been here for a while. And just because she holds a guitar dosn’t make her a rock star.

  7. I’m not sure I understand what you’re getting tired off. I wonder if this song is as good as Toxic. That song is my one guilty pleasure. It would be cool if this Kelly Clarkson thing was a big gag.

  8. Well you know..the cross-posting, cross-promotion you get out of Matt’s, Anil’s and Jason’s site. It can be a bit annoying at times.

    My guilty pleasures are mostly Holly Valance songs. Generally its not for outstanding singing ability, but the producer / mixer.

    A funny thing happened once when I was stuck at Changi airport in Singapore. They had a video jukebox setup. You could select some tracks and they would play the video on the tv screen. This 50 year old Japanese man, had Holly Valance’s ‘Kiss Kiss’ on perpetual loop. An he was looking at it without blinking. It was funny and a little weird.

  9. I don’t think you can fault them for talking about the same shit on their respective web sites. I mean, they are all friends. They probably have similar interests.

    I have no idea who Holly Valance is. Man I feel so out of the pop music loop.

  10. Wikipedia to the rescue.

    BTW, search for the ‘Kiss Kiss’ video. She was an unknown quantity before that. It won’t be work safe.

    Where does Kylie Minogue fit in your pop music loop?

  11. Kylie? Meow.

  12. 8o| I’m not impressed, Ram!

  13. Be a sport Shima!

    BTW the new stuff from Kylie is awesome. ‘Body Language’ is a must have record. Well if not the album get ‘Slow’ and ‘Red Blooded Woman’.

  14. Maybe we should start a forum in which we discover new music?!

  15. Slow’s a wicked song. I haven’t heard the other tune.

  16. I listened to a clip of this song at iTunes. Man that sucked.

  17. Well, in Kottke’s defence, he didn’t say he liked the song..just that its catchy. I fail to see that as well…

    Ram, we finally agree on a few things!

  18. BTW, would you like me to dropload couple of Holly Valance tracks?

  19. I can probably live without the Holly Valance tracks, but thanks.

  20. Agreement is an important step in building a committed relationship. =P

  21. I kinda like it, and Miss Independent, but not so much her other stuff.

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