"I think that was his wife."

   18 September 2009, early morning

The Ape

Mez and I watched the Ape on Wednesday evening. It’s a story of unease and panic. There is really only one character of note in the film, and basically every shot in the movie features him in the frame. Most of the film is shot following him, giving the audience the sense we are chasing after him. There is almost no dialogue in the movie. For the first 3rd of the film you aren’t really sure what’s wrong, though you know something definitely is. (If you’re reasonably astute, you can probably guess much earlier what has happened.) The film was interesting, but I don’t think it was good. It’s filmed well, and I think it was well put together. The acting is great. The problem is the story just isn’t that compelling.

The Ape on the Auteurs website.



  1. The Ape was technically well done, and conceptually interesting, but doesn’t seem to have enough to make it work as a film. If the same techniques were applied to a more interesting story it could’ve been great. I did like the way it ended though. Although, the best part was listening to other people’s reactions while leaving the theatre. Should’ve followed them.

  2. I agree. Fascinating but slight.

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