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Paris 2024

   27 February 2024, late morning

Paris Day 4

It’s been a full week since we returned from a trip to Paris. I managed to go through all my photos and share them on Flickr, and then edited that group of photos down to a smaller set I’ve shared on my Format portfolio. Paris is an incredible city. Beautiful and dense. Even in the grey of February it’s pretty and lively. This trip was all about doing the most touristy things our niece and daughter wanted to do. Next time we can get back to wandering the city looking for the best croissants.

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The Abyss

   25 January 2024, mid-morning

Mezan, Mahi, Flora and I watched The Abyss last night at the Revue. I don’t think I’ve seen the film since the 90s. A new 4K restoration of the movie had it back in cinemas for one day last year, which I missed. I was happy to see I had a second chance to see it on the big screen. The film follows an underwater oil mining crew working alongside some Navy Seals on an exploration and rescue mission for a downed US nuclear submarine. They encounter something unusual at these deep ocean depths. The film is an incredible as I remembered it, perhaps even more so. There are so many scenes in this movie where I was left wondering how the actors didn’t drown. People are seemingly soaking wet all the time. The shots underwater are apparently underwater. It’s unreal. If you haven’t seen this movie, you must. If you have, it’s well worth revisiting.

The Abyss in 4K Trailer.


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