A Night Out.

   19 March 2004, terribly early in the morning

I’ve been doing nothing but compilers for the past few days. I’m definitely not as productive as I would like to be, or as I should be; i’m hoping that will change in the next few days.

I had promised Gary I would go to Fed with him this week. So, tonight, Gary, Steph, Simon and I all went out. We saw lots of people at Fed: Patrick, my other compilers partner, Victor, Phoebe and Rick, Ahilan’s friends Monica and Eddie. Even Liz and Sylvia were there.

When we arrived at Fed it was totally empty. I signed in 3 random brown guys, and then waited for Gary to sign in Barbara and her friend. When we walked inside there were 3 other people in the club, the 3 guys I had signed in. By midnight the place was a lot more busy.

As I said, I saw Liz at Fed. As she walked by, I grabbed her and pulled her over my way, which is something I do when I’m out and drinking. Jeff, if you are reading this, be glad, because she turns around and pushes me away. No fuss. No words. Nothing. I had to get her attention again before she realized I wasn’t some random dude looking for some attention. It was a funny scene. I think she may have felt a bit bad, but really she shouldn’t. I should probably tap people on the shoulder to get their attention, as opposed to yanking them over my way. The whole thing reminded me of this joke I had read at Patrick’s site earlier.

The most memorable moment of the night was at the end. Standing on the dance floor with Gary and Simon, some random girl, walking through the crowd, stops and starts starring at me. Now, I was trying to figure out if I knew her or not, but I was quite sure I didn’t. She kept looking at me though, like I should know her. So then I thought, maybe she was one of Ahilan’s friends who thought I was him. I asked if I knew her, and asked her name. Her friend told me her name was Jennifer, before they both stormed off. At this point I was worried I had offended one of Ahilan’s friends, so I told Simon to go look for her. He was more then willing, for reasons I will leave to your imagination. I decided to go look for Gary, who had wandered off by this point.

I come back to the spot we were dancing to find Simon with the two girls. I pulled her over and asked her, “How do I know you?” Her reply, “I don’t know you, stop flirting with me!” Yes, girls can be stupid, but what can you do. I laughed to myself and left Simon to dance with the girl and her friend, while I wandered about.

We left Fed and loitered outside for a bit, talking to people as they left. We saw so many people on their way out. The two girls also left, and Simon and Gary went to talk to them. I sat and chatted with Patrick, well aware that my raw-animal-magnetism would be too much for the girls to bare, that it would result in their confusing my mere presence with some sort of flirting. The girl thought Simon was quite hot, but her friends were quite opposed to her leaving with him. Gary and I left for Mel’s, and told Simon he would get mad props if he could get the girl to Mel’s as well.

Gary and I arrived at Mel’s, and shortly after Simon arrived. The girl, and all her friends, beat Simon to Mel’s by a few minutes.



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