A Perfect Fake

   28 April 2005, early morning

A Perfect Fake was a creepy film to say the least (and the 6th documentary I watched this week). The movie starts of by examining the state of the art in computer animation, and asking questions as to how advances in computer graphics effect our understanding of each other, of beauty, and of art. It then moves on to examine the state of the art in computer animated pornography and virtual women. Oh yes. From there the movie transitions in to the bizarre world of life-like (sex) dolls. We are introduced to some unique characters throughout the film. There is a fellow that has on the order of 40 or so dolls (all of which he has fucked he tells the audience). There is a fellow who takes some amazing (albeit strange) photographs of the 4 dolls he owns, though he doesn’t seem to have a sexual relationship with any of them. I’m not sure if that is better or worse. There are interviews with doll makers, video game makers, and a professors, who all discuss the changing nature of our interaction with the virtual world (and by “our”, I suppose I mean “mens”). The movie was really quite good, though quite graphic at times. The section on computer animated pornography leaves nothing to the imagination.

Information on A Perfect Fake at the HotDocs web site



  1. Hello,
    I know this really isn’t a comment, but this has been bugging me for a while.
    I heared about this documentry a few times by (get this) my mother. She told me about it because of my fascination with Japanese culture and, in paticular, their animation. She mentioned that there was one anime brought up in the film but cannot recall what it was called nor what it was about.
    If you know, could you please tell me?

  2. I think Ghost in the Shell comes up in the movie, because it features an robot that looks like a nubile women. I don’t think it’s discussed, they just use clips from the anime. But, if you’re interested in this sort of stuff I am sure you’ve seen Ghost in the Shell by now. The film is really cool, you should definitely watch it.

  3. Ahh, excellent. Thank you.
    Yes, I just watched Ghost in the Shell a couple days ago actually.
    I’m patiently awaiting for the documentary channel to play “A Perfect Fake” again..

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