A week ago I broke my glasses.

   22 July 2008, terribly early in the morning

A week ago I broke my glasses. I took them off to clean them and they fell apart in my hands. Seriously. I needed new glasses anyway, but it would have been nice to go looking for a new while I still had a pair I could wear. That evening I went to Dufferin Mall to get fitted for contacts. They didn’t actually have any boxes of contacts in my prescription for sale, but they did have a sample, which is what I left the store wearing. And so I manage to make it through the week with contacts. I hate wearing contacts, but what can you do?

On the weekend I headed uptown to play board games with Yang, and then to my parents place in Scarborough. The thing with contacts is that you can’t just take them off and put them on a nightstand. If I had been wearing contacts for a while I probably would have remembered to bring contact solution with me. Sadly, I did not. And so as I flushed my contacts down the toilet I thought about how I would spend the next few days blind — a man without fear.

I spent Sunday afternoon at First Markham Place. If you need to buy glasses there really is no better place in the city to go. After much soul searching I settled on a pair of Mykita glasses. Carvill’s sister apparently loves her pair off. They make these light titanium glasses – the sort of glasses that shouldn’t crumble in your hands. I asked them very nicely to rush my order, which they said they would. Surprised, I get a call the next afternoon letting me know my glasses are done. Of course I’m happy, but am now faced with the dilemma of actually picking up my glasses, which are trapped in the middle of nowhere. Lucky for me, Ali offered to pick them up, so I head off to Warden station to meet him.

And so I am standing in Warden station, holding a little white box that contains my new frames. I put them on. And then I come to the sad realization the right eye is way off. And so I headed off to Dufferin Mall to get contacts — again.



  1. The story will have a happy ending, I’m sure. Maybe by Thursday evening if you’re lucky.

  2. I am positive you have an old pair of glasses in my room at Scarborough. Did you see them when you went back?

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