Amazon is a Minute Man.

    5 November 2004, mid-morning

I ordered Design Patterns from Amazon earlier in the week—Tuesday to be exact. I got an email at 7:30 PM last night telling me my order had shipped. I make it a point to check the extra-lame free shipping option whenever I order over 39 bucks worth of stuff so I don’t get billed for shipping. My order was slated to arrive some time next week, between the 10th to the 14th of November. Since I am working I shipped to my office, which I imagine is quite close to the shipping centre Amazon uses in Toronto. I’m guessing it is close because my book arrived today, at 10:30 AM. That’s some serious service, apparently facilitated by: Amazon, Canada Post, and some convenient geography. I don’t think FedEx could have got the book here faster.



  1. I’m almost certain their warehouse is in Mississauga. I typically receive books the day following my order. It’s great.

  2. I checked my tracking page for my order, and the centre is indeed in Mississauga. Where I work might be like 15 minutes tops from it I’m guessing.

  3. How’re you finding the book?

    I’m thinking about picking up “C++ Templates: The Complete Guide” which is by some dude and Josuttis. Not sure whether to go with that or the other Josuttis book purely about the STL.

  4. I’m liking it so far. The examples are pretty well thought out and explained. And I think it helps you think out better way to design programs as well. The guy that worked here before me seemed to be in love with the book.

  5. I remember reading someone’s comment about how there’s a bunch of stuff in there that you recognize having done before, but now stated in a much more formal way and also a bunch of stuff that you’ve just never thought about before. That seemed to be a pretty apt description of it.

    I need to go back and read it in detail. I skimmed large portions of it the first time since it’s pretty dry… Totally unlike the rest of my programming books…...

  6. Ah, programming books. How I love them. My networks textbook is actually quite a good read. Its very well written. I think this book is written like a reference, which I guess works, but doesn’t lend itself to afternoon reading.

  7. Yeah, it’s in Mississauga.

    I’m reading The Pragmatic Programming right now. It’s interesting.

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