An Epilogue.

   26 March 2004, lunch time

Well, I have no been to my last fed ever. It wasn’t what I expected, but I think things like that are always a bit of a let down. Too much on my mind I suppose. That said, it was nice seeing so many of my friends out. I need to talk to Gary and see what his opinion of the night was as well. He told some girl he was in first-year pre-op. That was entertaining. He eventually showed her his drivers license. She was shocked I’m sure.

The night ended well.

I’m meeting Kumar and Patrick at school to continue work on our compilers project.



  1. Pre Op as in Transsexual? She was into that?

  2. I've never heard that use of the word pre-op. Interesting. No, Gary was trying to suggest he was in pre-optometry.

  3. i've heard 'pre-op' being used in conjunction with 'transsexual' to indicate what's under the hood, but never on it's own. there's a first time for everything, though.

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