And So It Ends?

   21 April 2009, terribly early in the morning

Today will probably end up being an important day in the history of the war in Sri Lanka: unless the LTTE surrenders, the Sri Lankan government will commence a final push into Tiger territory at noon today. Soldiers who are known to kill themselves with cyanide to avoid capture are unlikely to surrender. An aggressive army on the verge of victory is unlikely to backdown. Chances are there will be much fighting today. This is tragic in and of itself, a pointless loss of life, but to make matters worse there are upwards of 100,000 civilians also trapped in the war zone. The LTTE shoots those trying to flee, and the government shells those who stay. Assuming everything plays out as bleakly as I imagine it will, today will probably live on in infamy in the minds of Sri Lankans. Depending on how bloody things end up, perhaps around the world.



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