29 August 2005, mid-morning

I watched Bowfinger Friday night, in between having some pints at Future Bakery and heading out for Roshanak’s birthday party. The film is excellent. Steve Martin plays a small time director and producer Bobby Bowfinger, who is trying to get a film made. Eddie Murphy plays two characters in the film a Tom Cruise like action movie star called Kit Ramsey, and a dorky look-a-like Jiffernson; Eddie Murphy is hilarious playing both characters. In the film, Kit Ramsey refuses to be in Bowfinger’s movie, so Bowfinger attempts to make his film by following Kit Ramsey around and filming him covertly, while using Jiffernson for any close-up shots. I don’t know if my description of the plot does it justice. The film makes fun of the whole movie industry, in particular the sort of desperation it breeds in people. Another great part of the film is the Mindhead cult that Kit Ramsey belongs to, an obvious jab at the Church of Scientology.

Reviews of Bow Finger at Rotten Tomatoes.



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