Bride and Prejudice

   20 March 2005, evening time

I had high hopes for Bride and Prejudice. It has a good cast, a good director, and a novel story. The movie is a Bollywood retelling of the Jane Austin novel Pride and Prejudice. Unfortunately, I would have to say the film was poorly done. The story seems quite muddled. The Bollywood dance sequences are strange to watch, since the singing is all done in English. When the actresses have Indian accents, but then start singing with American accents it is just a bit too bizarre—more bizarre then people just breaking out into a dance sequence. The movie does feature lots of hot women, most notably Aishwarya Rai. Yummy. Though, I think you would be better off watching her in a film like Devdas.

The official Bride and Prejudice web site.



  1. I agree, the movie was strange. You cannot make a typical Bollywood movie for a western audience. It just doesn’t work.

    And yes Ash is beautiful. She is a former Ms. World.

  2. An interview with an Ash lookalike.

    I think she looks better.

  3. i loved it and not all of the songs were in english, she is really gorgeous, i agree!!

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