Cairo Time

   15 September 2009, early morning

Shima and I watched Cairo Time together Sunday night. The film was premiering at TIFF. Cairo Time is probably going to get a wide release, so it’s exactly the sort of film I don’t normally go see at TIFF. However, Shima is totally in love with Alexander Siddig, so I made an exception for her. I wanted to see the film as well: it had a fair amount of hype around it.

In the film, Patricia Clarkson plays a married women who arrives in Cairo to meet her husband, who works for the UN, only to find his friend, played by Alexander Siddig, waiting for her at the airport; her husband has been delayed, so she ends up exploring the city and spending time with her husband’s friend. As the film progresses the characters grow closer together. The film is technically a romance, though this title seems a is a bit disingenuous. It’s a very slow and subtle film. Both actors do an amazing job. I think Siddig’s very last scene in the film is an example of some seriously superlative acting. I liked the movie a lot.

The official Cairo Time website.



  1. Judging solely from the title, I would have guessed movie was about reckless driving.

  2. omg, I was in the same room as Dr. Julian Bashir. Ahhhhhhh. :o

  3. Did anyone say “It’s Cairo time”?

  4. No, but Alexander Siddig played Alfred Cairo, and Patricia Clarkson was Maria Time.

  5. It would have been better if his name was Alfred Krome.

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