10 April 2006, the wee hours

I was sitting with my cousin in a shop called Max Brenner eating chocolate waffles covered in chocolate and strawberries, drinking a hot chocolate, all the while helping myself to my cousins melted chocolate “drink”. I haven’t had that much chocolate in a while.

The past weekend was spent at various bars and night clubs in the city. Sydney seems to have a night life much like Toronto’s, only there isn’t a proper last call here. We were at a dodgy little club called Brooklyn till about 2 or so in the morning, and my cousin Arjuna told me the place was licensed to serve alcohol till about 6.

I’ve watched all of Prison Break while here in Sydney. (That is, all of the current season.) Prison Break is amazing. I feel like I’m living during some sort of television Renaissance. There are so many great television shows on the air right now. I think it all started with the Soprano’s. My only fear is that all these shows I love will turn to shit, much like the X-Files did. Let us all pray.



  1. Yeah, I can’t wait until Lost (Season 2) comes out on DVD.

    Have you watched My Name is Earl? It’s good.

  2. Nope, but my co-workers like the show. I was watching NYPD Blue today, and perhaps that was actually the start of super-awesome television. Lost is amazing. I can’t wait to see what they do in the next few episodes. I can’t believe season 2 is almost over.

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