Compact Flash Woes

   25 May 2007, terribly early in the morning

I used dd, something I’ve never done before, to clone my fucked up compact flash card. This is something I normally wouldn’t do, but I saw instructions on how to do it, and it seemed like a good idea. I then proceeded to try and resurrect my card. Most programs for OS X seem to suck at doing this. One program looked like it was going to fix all my problems, but it couldn’t stop crashing. It would scan about half of the card before giving up spectacularly. And after a few tries, the program stopped finding any photos at all. Some how the card had got even more futzed up. God damn it. I need to dump the clone I made of the compact flash card back on to the card itself, and try once again. I’m thinking i’ll need to look at programs for XP that do this: I was thoroughly unimpressed with all the OS X offerings. Lexar (who make my compact flash card) also have software for recovering photos, but I stupidly threw away the disks that came with my card. (After all, when would I ever need to recover photos from a messed up CF card. Damn it Ram.)



  1. If you want Sandisk RescuePRO 3, lemme know. It’s suppose to be helpful in cases like this. jasonatmvpsdotorg

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