Corporate GMail

   16 December 2004, mid-morning

I wonder if companies would pay Google for a corporate version of GMail ; a version they could run on their own private web servers. I get a lot of email every day. Being able to search through it the way I search through my GMail would be quite handy. My project manager must get ten times as many emails as me at the very least. I’m sure he would also love a private GMail. If Google added a calendar/scheduling system to GMail, so one could book meetings, GMail could be a very competitive product in the corporate sector.



  1. I guess a corporate version would be more than handy. But Google still thinks itself as an advertising company rather than a “solutions” company.

    But this idea has a lot of merit. It could be something like a mailserver such as their search appliances.

    I think “conversations” is the killer feature of gmail. That is a perfect example of small ideas that have a tremendous impact; stuff that gets branded as revolutionary.

  2. Google still has their corporate search appliance. I bet its not that far fetched. They also have the google desktop which can search your Outlook email so you can already add the email search functionality to your own desktop.

    But i don’t know if google would want to ship a box that has all the client side code to gmail on it. just look how much work they put into making the javascript on gmail completely incomprehensible

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