Damn Son

   16 September 2003, mid-afternoon

Spent the afternoon tutoring in the First Year Tutorial Center. What a tiring experience. No one else showed up to tutor. Well, except Ju-Lian, who wasn’t even working today. The TA for Math 237 was helping out as well which was quite nice.

It’s been a good week in Waterloo all in all. I’ve managed to finish my Work Report, so with that behind me I can focus on school. (Of course that is the only thing stopping me from focusing on school!)

The weekend was a bit dull. Spent Friday night trying to get into Rev. That ended up getting dull fast, and the rest of the evening was spent at Linh’s house. Saturday I had Hot Pot with Ju-lian, Pheth and Linh for Ju-Lian’s birthday. Dinner was good, though a bit messy. We watched Pulp Fiction after. Such an entertaining movie. Sunday I spent finishing up my work report. Well, that is to say starting and finishing my work report. Gary, Steph and Shima came over in the evening.

No funny stories to share. Well I’m sure there are some. I think I’ll change this site up sometime soon. Posting inane messages like this seems a bit stupid. Such is life.



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