Das Experiment

    4 April 2005, lunch time

Das Experiment is a fictional re-telling of the famous prison experiment conducted at Stanford. The film was good, albeit a bit depressing and brutal. Like the experiment the story is based on, the prisoners and prison guards quickly lose their minds. The guards start to brutalize the prisoners, and the prisoners quickly become shells of their former selves. The acting is great, and the story was also quite good. There are some scenes that were also very much like something you would see in a Wong-Kar Wai film. I enjoyed the film, and recommend people go watch it.

The official Das Experiment web site



  1. ah, the Zimbardo effect. i saw a 60 minutes piece on this a couple years ago. it’s absolutely crazy what happened.

  2. What’s interesting about the actual experiment was the way the experimenters themselves got caught up in the whole scenario:

    “We had created an overwhelmingly powerful situation…”

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