Don't Mess Around

    1 October 2003, late at night

Next term will be my last term. I was debating what to take, and not to take, for some time now. I’ve decided I may as well take all the things I had planned to take way back when, be they hard or not.

So what am I taking? Compilers (CS444). That will be hard. Very hard I think. It is one of the holy trinity of hard computer science courses here at waterloo. (The other two are graphics and real-time operating systems.) They make you write a compiler from scratch in this course.

The other course Marxist Theory (PSCI 321). I took the follow up course, Marxism after Marx when I was in 2A. The professor who taught me Marxism after Marx teaches Marxist Theory. He also taught me Political Science 101. He’s a nice guy, and a really good Prof. I’m pretty sure he kept on giving me A’s in the Marxism after Marx course because I was in Computer Science and he felt sorry for me. I’m not 100% sure mind you. I don’t think I write essays that deserve A’s personally.

The other two courses I’m taking are Statistics (STAT 231) and Network Flow Theory (CO 351). STAT 231 will suck, because statistics sucks. Network Flow will probably be as boring as Linear Optimization is this term. Though, I’m hoping since it involves some graph theory and algorithms it will be a bit more interesting.

Four classes. I get Wednesdays and Friday’s off. I think it’s not the worse schedule i’ve picked for myself. We’ll see.

And I will start posting stuff people will actually want to read soon.



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