Election Postscript

    5 November 2004, lunch time

Here are what other people are saying; you know, people who live in America:

  • Not A Dollar Short Shows off a new Canada. I think I’d like this new Canada since I could finally visit New York. Seriously, why don’t some states just leave the US. Like California? It could go it alone.
  • A Whole Lotta Nothing [1] [2]
  • Scribbling [1] [2]
  • What Do I Know
  • 1976 Design [1] [2] The second post attempts to explain liberal anger to the crazies people that voted for Bush.
  • Greg Gnauss
  • Valdok
  • Reclaiming Reality A brand new site by a reader of this blog. This is his first entry.
  • Airbag discusses America as a police state and a flame war erupts.
  • Nedward
  • Kottke.org lets us know Americans are all stupid; Jason Kottke says what many of us around the world already knew. (And yes, I am quoting out of context. I’ll stop when CNN stops.)
  • Peace and Jellybeans. I found this post to be quite depressing.
  • Tom Tomorrow suggests reasons why the Democrats are big losers for Slate Magazine.
  • Jane Smiley expalins why the democrats should be in no rush to covet the Republican voting base.

I originally posted these links at the bottom of my post on the election, but I think they deserve there own entry. I don’t read too many (any) web sites where people are happy about the re-election of George Bush it would appear.



  1. http://ask.metafilter.com/mefi/11550

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