G-G-G-Mail Invites

    4 September 2004, early evening

I now have 4 GMail invites up for grabs. Now, I will probably give one to my brother if he wants one. I don’t think any of my friends want one, but I may be wrong here. Anyway, if you want a GMail account, let me know.

Update: I have 11 GMail invites now, and no one I know seems to need them. Anybody still without GMail? Comment below if you want one. I’ll give them out at random or something.

Update: Done and done.

Update: Grab GMail account at the GMail Spooler.



  1. Yessss!!! I reaaly wants a gmail account! I need it!

    my email is guilasertorio@msn.com

    Thank you a lot!

  2. Random dude I don’t know gets a GMail account. Three more left.

  3. Hi, Ramanan.

    I’ve been looking for an invite for a couple of weeks.
    GMail is the only webmail I can access from work, because my company’s proxy only allows certain tech, search, etc websites. Fortunately google is one of them, so I can also reach gmail.google.com.

    I will thank you very much if you send it to jimmy@academiagracie.com.br .


  4. Hi!!!
    If you do the kindness of give me an invite for gmail, I’ll be very glad…
    thanks anyaway…

  5. Sorry. I’m going to give the invites to my brothers, and save the last one for someone I know who needs it. So only one random stranger wins today.

  6. The only people who seem hyped about Gmail are the ones who already have it… I had the same problem giving them away.

  7. Yeah. I gave one of my invites to my cousin, but I had to explain to him what GMail was first.

  8. I have 5 invites if anyone still wants some.

  9. i’d like one please

  10. Well Sam, I will use some of my telepathy and send you an invite to your email address.

  11. i like to have a G mail account plz….

  12. me threeeeeeeeeeeee

  13. Done and Done using my uncanny ability to guess peoples email addresses.

  14. Its pretty funny how people just ask for invites and don’t even leave their emails. Even after you made such a sarcastic comment.

  15. what’s with the sudden splurge in gmail invites? I think the gmail invite phenomenon can be classified in 3 stages. 1: the initial, i-know-someone-who-works-at-google phase which happened like 6 months ago. 2: the tech-nerdy-frenzy phase where everyone who worked in high-tech was worked up into a lather to get one and after actually stressing about it for a few days eventually got one (the more desperate resorting to ebay). this was about 2 months ago. 3: the if-you-want-a-gmail-account-but-cant-get-one-then-you-must-not-know-a-single-human-being phase. This is were we are now. I believe stage 4 will be where gmail jumps the shark.

    so, if anyone actually needs one, i have 6.

  16. I need an invite, I can’t get one anywhere, Many Thanks

  17. Yeah, me too.

  18. Oh man, that would be great if you could hook me up with an account. I have been searching and waiting for the last 2 months…

  19. my email is fretlessphil@hotmail.com

  20. Please hook me up with an invite. That would be so great, i have been trying to get an invite forever! Thanks!!

  21. Please send me a g-mail invite!!

  22. May be one for me at vins_all at yahoo.com

    Vinodh Ramasubramanian

  23. can i plzzzzzzz have a gmail invite!

    i would really like on my email is


  24. If you didn’t notice, you can grab invites from the spooler.