Getting Things Done -- Not So Much

   29 June 2006, early morning

I bought OmniOutliner Pro a week or so ago, and started using Kinkless GTD to help me start getting things done. I don’t feel more organized. I think perhaps I am missing that extra little bit of organizational magic that is actually contained in the Getting Things Done book. I started typing out what I needed to do into neat little lists in OmniOutliner Pro, and then I went back to playing Warcraft and surfing on the Internet. Yesterday I got two things done that I wanted to: I finally cleaned up this huge pile of clean clothes that sit next to my bed on a side table, and I cleaned a small desk next to my computer. A nice small accomplishment. Still, the only reason I did these two things was because World of Warcraft was downloading a patch.



  1. Warcraft is evil and has little to offer for casual players in end game. I am a better healthier self since I canceled it several months ago.

  2. dude, you’re one of the most chilled out people I know. Getting excited about “getting things done” is so NOT your modus operandi.

    My GTD solution, three todo lists on tada lists : “do asap”, “do at some point”, “and “ideas”

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