Go West!

   30 October 2005, evening time

So I’ve left my bachelor apartment in High Park Village behind. For the next little while my base of operations is in the Bloor West Village; I’m living around Jane and Bloor now. For those who don’t know Toronto too well, this means I’ve travelled two subway stops from where I used to live; that is to say, I haven’t moved all that far. The new place is cool enough. I now live in a duplex, in what I imagine to be a very old house. I have a roommate now, Lori, who is quite nice. I have a washing machine and a dryer in my apartment, a welcome change. (I will have to write about this washer and dryer pair—I have plenty to say about them and I’ve only been in the place for 2 days.) I have a living room, and I have a television, something I’ve been without for a good year or so. So far, so good.

Update: The internet here is much slower. I think I’ll be OK.



  1. You should provide some photos of your new pad. (A picture being worth one thousand words and all… :-)

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