Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle

   18 August 2004, the wee hours

Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle is awesome. There really isn’t much else I need to say. The dude that made Dude, Where’s My Car has managed to redeem himself with this low brow yet intelligent little comedy. The film is about two stoners trying to get to White Castle, a burger joint in the states that sells tiny burgers; Hilarity ensues. Neil Patrick Harris is hilarious in his little cameo. I found it refreshing to see a movie where every single white person in the film was two-dimensional. It was a bizarre change of pace.

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  1. i think it’s more impressive that they managed to keep all the coloured characters multi-dimensional.

  2. I keep promising myself to see “Harold and Kumar,” but I always end up talking myself out of it! I think it’s the character whose face looks like a pizza. Every time I see him on the trailer, I completely lose my will to see it.

    Ewwww… :)

  3. i don’t know that it was awesome. it didn’t suck and it was of a slightly better quality than so many of it’s genre. plus, you gotta love anything with neil patrick harris making fun of his doogie days and ryan reynolds is just fun to watch.

    i gotta say though, my big beef with this movie is that it’s unrealistic – not in all of the standard ways like the gross-out humour, obviously unlikely situations (skydiving, cheetah, etc.), but in that every single chinese kid in the princeton scenes spoke pretty flawless, unaccented English—I can buy the cheetah, but now that’s friggin’ not possible!! If anything, the movie was thoroughly under-accented. ;)

  4. Maybe they don’t let people that sound like immigrants go to college in the States. That might explain that part of the movie.

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