Human Beings Need to Think More About Killing.

   10 March 2004, late morning

I saw the Fog of War at the Princess last night. The film is a documentary about Robert MacNamara, and the things he did in his public life. The film is segmented into 11 sections, each section corresponds to a lesson MacNamara has learnt in his old age. The man is incredibly interesting to hear, and quite well spoken. Much of the films content seems all the more relevant considering what is happening in the US right now. I wholeheartedly recommend the film.



  1. wicked, i'm so hyped to watch that movie. thanks for not revealing the ending, or any of the plot twists.

  2. also, your layout i still majorly fudged up in ie.

  3. how so? email me a screenshot or something. i don't have ie. I can guess what it is doing though.

  4. I saw the Fog of War at Princess also with Jeff. Since i don't have much of a background in any kind of history at all, i was a bit confused. Jeff found it really interesting though.
    you got a membership there? maybe we can go watch a movie there together sometime. bring shimia!! =)

  5. oh... and your page is very 'long'. i have to keep scrolling down to read your blog. =)

  6. does it display wierd? Like there should be two columns, but rishi says the second column ends up at the bottom of his browser. Anyways, everyone should be using Mozilla Firefox, you too Liz!

    And I have a membership, and I gave Shima one, so we should go there. Next time we're going i'll let you know. We want to go see the Corporation next week.

  7. liz i was a bit confused too, but i think thats because i had a cold and my head was hurting all through the movie. i might go see corporations with my mom this friday, she's coming to visit me.. we could go see it with my mommy if you both like! :D mmm. what other irrelevant things can i talk about here? lol.. i like to use people's comment sections and write all sorts of crap, just to take up space.. anyways i guess i'll see you guys all soon tonight... another adventure with me cooking! i should really stay away from the stove/oven...

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