I Study

    7 December 2003, early evening

What’s new? Nothing of course. I spent the day studying with Steph at the library. I don’t have the energy, or the inclination, to study for CO 350 (Linear Optimization), so I left the library early. I figure I will get back to work at 7:00, and work hard till I am sick of it. After CO 350 I just have an essay and a take home exam to worry about.

Shima’s been going on all term about how great Queer Eye for the Straight Guy is. I finally watched an episode with her last night. The show is very entertaining, I can really see the appeal. The show is like What not to Wear, Trading Spaces, and a cooking show all wrapped into one, and it’s hosted by five gay dudes. I recommend you watch it if you haven’t yet.



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