6 February 2005, the wee hours

I don’t remember where I saw the trailer for Intermission, but I remember wanting to see the movie. I saw the film on the shelves at Blockbuster and convinced my friends to rent it. The opening of Intermission is brilliant, you know you’re about to watch a great film. The movie is set somewhere in Ireland, and follows the lives of a group of loosely related people; their lives all collide by the end of the film. The cast of characters includes: a young man who can no longer pleasure himself, a (sexually) aggressive woman recently separated from her husband, an angry bus driver, a local hoodlum, a little kid with a fondness for throwing big stones at cars, and one hard-boiled cop (probably the most entertaining character in the film). There are plenty of famous faces who you’ll recognize as soon as you them. Intermission was very entertaining, a great little story with plenty of twists and turns and characters that will make you laugh.

The official Intermission web site



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