It's 2008

    1 January 2008, evening time

Happy New Years everybody. I’m playing Bang! Right now and it is awesome.



  1. Bang! is totally awesome.

  2. Ah, another game that I have that didn’t get to be played by the cousins. Sigh

  3. Why would people make a game that isn’t Settlers? That makes no sense.

  4. We played bang with you Jana. We haven’t played like carcasonne, or nightmare chess, or like 4 other board games. We tried most of your card games.

  5. Settlers is the greatest game ever. (Go Team Planners of Catan!)

  6. Shima…likes Settlers now? I always thought you hated it when we played lol…

    Classic Mahi…I look forward to playing when I return

  7. Shima got me Settlers for Christmas, which is weird in and of itself, but the fact that she likes playing the game now is even more strange. I still remember her sabotaging our efforts to play.

  8. sweet, innocent me sabotaging your game? never!

  9. Happy New Year… (I spent the day playing Settlers… with ALL of the expansion packs)

  10. I distinctly remember Shima going into some speech about how Settlers is crap and that we need to bring back the art of conversation…I’m sure of this because at the time Ramanan and I were discussing a possibly mcnugget/cheeseburger meal.

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