17 November 2005, late evening

I put on my winter coat—the first time i’ve done so this season—and headed out to meet Matt and Kathleen at the Varsity Cinema to watch Jarhead. The film follows the life of a marine from his entrance into boot camp all the way to his leaving the marines after the Gulf War. The movie starts off pretty light hearted, but gets progressively more and more bleak as the film progresses. The mood of the film basically matches the mood of the troops. By the end of the film, the troops are all pretty messed up. The movie has some really cool shots—burning oil fields being one of many. The acting was really good from all involved; Jake Gyllenhaal did a fine job. This is definitely a film to go see.

The official Jarhead web site.



  1. Which Gulf War is it about? The one in 1991 or the current one?

  2. The last one—there is a funny line near the end of the film during a celebration where one of the Marines yells, “We’re never going to have to come here again!” or something to that effect.

  3. Iím still debating whether I should see this one. By the way: Shimi really wants u to visit i think Ram (nudge, nudge) :)

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