14 July 2004, evening time

My pink shirt collar; shot inside Jump.

Today Steph, Simon and I went to Jump, a chic restaurant in downtown Toronto. During the Celebrate Toronto Street Festival a lot of fancy resturants offer up cheaper ‘summerlicious’ menus so that patrons like myself, broke and unemployed, can go and check them out. The same thing happens in the winter, and is called ‘winterlicious’.

Jump was excellent.

All the wait staff we dealt with at Jump were quite friendly. Our waitress was this friendly blonde girl who looked, talked and smiled exactly like Kirsten Dunst. I kid you not, the resemblance was uncanny. Simon eventually told her we thought she looked like Kirsten Dunst, and she replied her sister, who had just seen Spiderman, agreed with us. I think she was in fact Kirsten Dunst, training for a role.

The restaurant itself is quite nice. Half the restaurant is covered by a glass ceiling, so the whole restaurant is quite bright during the lunch hours. There was a small lounge and bar when you enter on your left, where you can drink while you wait for tables, and a private dining area in the back. The kitchen is more or less open, but tucked away in one corner of the restaurant. The general ambience of the restaurant is rather nice.

Yes, I did eat. I had a grilled Atlantic salmon for lunch, which was done quite well. Admittedly, it’s hard to mess up fish. Simon said he enjoyed his pasta as well. The chilled golden gazpacho with sweet chili and basil that Steph and I started with was really good as well. I’ve never had cold soup before, and I didn’t think I would like it, but I would have to say it was very interesting. For desert I had some home-made ice cream. The cookie they put in the ice cream was amazing.

I would definitely go back to Jump again. Well, as soon as I get myself a job.

An interesting side-note ( well interesting for friends anyway): Jump is actually owned by the company Oliver & Bonacini. Their most recent restaurant is the self-named Oliver & Bonacini Café and Grill in Bayview Village. Shima refuses to go there, but that’s a story for another day. They also own the very swanky and expensive Canoe.

Simon's blue shirt collar; shot inside Jump.



  1. grrrr.. oliver & bonacini.. i saw it first… grrr… but no (!) you guys had to go! yes, i’m bitter. i don’t think i can ever not be bitter about that place. sigh

  2. don’t be bitter shima, it’s nothing special.

  3. well i wouldn’t know now, would i?
    i’m just giving you a hard time. (except i am still bitter about it)

  4. So, I hate to go off topic. :) You should have taken a picture of the waitress. Then we could all decide if it’s her or not.

  5. ram, i don’t know if you’re aware, but your website is being traded on an open blog market. oh yeah, your brother’s site among others is being traded as well. it seems like ahilan’s site is valued at 1/10th your share value. this is bizzaro, man.


    also, it seems i can’t use html code in these posts.

  6. You can use textile in comments. I’ll put instructions on what you can do later.

  7. mmm…yummy and delicious. I hope you liked it alow. Nice to see the images that accompanied this post.

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