Lien will be Jealous

   31 January 2004, mid-afternoon

Yesterday, I went to Fred’s Not Here to celebrate Cathy’s 24th birthday. Cathy is my old roommate. I haven’t seen her in quite some time, since she graduated last term. The food at the restaurant was excellent, with an asian-fusion twist to all the dishes. Because of the current winterlicous event, the meal was 20 bucks. I had a Sczhewan-Peppercorn Sirloin Steak which was quite tasty.

We went to Up afterwards, which is a lounge above Al Frisco’s. The place was quite nice. There was some sort of Hawaiian theme martini night going on. Up was filled with an interesting mix of people. There were plenty of boys for Cathy to mack on, though she declined to do so this evening.

Lien, the other girl I lived with when I lived with Cathy, is in San Fransico. Such a shame that she wasn’t around. I’m sure she will be jealous when she sees Cathy’s photos.

I wore my peach shirt from Mark’s and Spencer’s. That shirt is very slick.



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