12 May 2010, early morning

I was told by my surgeon I can put weight on my leg Monday morning. He said I should probably transition from walking with two crutches, to walking with one crutch, to a cane, and finally walking all by myself. Walking with crutches looks ridiculous, and I don’t own a cane, so I just started walking instead. I haven’t broken my ankle yet!



  1. Get a cane! You’ll look distinguished.

  2. Dude, get one with a giant fake diamond on it, then walk around Blansdowne like the baddest pimp in the game!

  3. I have a nice cane you can borrow if you’d like. Honestly.

  4. Absolutely, you can’t pass up an opportunity to rock a cane without it being a hideous affectation.

    Now if there were medical excuses for ascots and monocles…

  5. Yes a cane. You’d look awesome with one. Just be careful, don’t do too much at once.

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