Line-Up in Line

   21 September 2006, early morning

People don’t line up while waiting for the 191 Rocket, the TTC bus route I love to hate; everyone just forms a sort of semi-circle around the area where the bus door should be. When the doors open, everyone tries to squeeze in at the same time. I’ve never seen people line up this way at the Scarborough Town Centre. Even the people waiting for the McCowan North, which gets quite packed, will form neat lines. Of course, some thug kid will shove his way to the front just as the doors open—punk bitches—but beyond that it’s all very orderly. Taking the Rocket 191 has given me this really bad impression of Humber College kids.



  1. In my experiences over the years, I have found North Yorkers and East Yorkers to be the most orderly when it comes to waiting for the bus.

    Personally, I don’t think seating on the bus should be first-come first-serve, so I’m not the biggest fan of the line-up, but I will say it’s better than the semi-circle.

  2. I also think you should yield your seat to those who need it more, which people on the 191 don’t do as well.

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