Little Miss Sunshine

   12 February 2007, terribly early in the morning

I watched Little Miss Sunshine with Mezan and Carvill over the weekend. It was a thoroughly enjoyable film. The movie follows a somewhat dysfunctional family as they travel in a beat up VW Bus to California so the youngest member of the family can take part in the Little Miss Sunshine pageant. The actors all did a really great job; everyone is spot on with their parts. The little girl that plays the beauty contestant to be is incredibly cute, and definitely my favourite character in the movie. (Though all the characters are enjoyable in their own way.) The film is very good. You should definitely watch it, if only to revel in the train wreck that is these creepy little girl pageants, and to see Olive’s kick ass dance number.

The official Little Miss Sunshine web site.



  1. Yeah, I really enjoyed the movie. It was a feel-good laugh-your-head-off kind of movie.

  2. The grandfather was great, that whole “Jail bait” speech almost killed me.

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