London's Burning

    7 July 2005, early afternoon

Today, a series of bombs were set off in London. I was born in London. My family and I still have a lot of friends in the country, so it was good to hear from my dad that everyone is apparently OK. The last bombing in London happened about 10 years ago and were carried out by the IRA. The bombings today were most likely the work of some fundamentalist Muslim terrorist group. One group has claimed responsibility, calling on Britain to pull troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan. As with the IRA attacks in the past, one would expect the British to rally around the government; I don’t see Blair pulling troops from anywhere. Whatever the purpose of this attack may be, I am sure it will accomplish little more then increasing the number of assaults on Muslims in England. Violence is a horrible way to advance ones cause, both morally and pragmatically.



  1. It’s a sad day for sure…home!...I had work in the morning, so I was up really early..saw it all break live…Initially the toll was only 2 known deaths…but now that I’m at home, I can see just how severe it has become…a tragic day indeed…

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