Long Hair

   27 October 2005, late at night

The last time my hair was as long as it is right now was around the time of my birthday. I remember because I was having a BBQ at my home in Scarborough. I walked through my front door, and my mom started yelling at me about my hair. She yells very loud. My youngest brother had an appointment to get his hair cut that day, but my mom insisted that I get mine cut instead.

I get my hair cut in Scarborough from a very lovely lady named Liz for $6. Usually she does a good job. That day she chopped all my hair off. I looked like a mental patient. This was in fact the second time she had done this, the first was right before my cousin wedding. Still, I keep going back. I like Liz. Also, for $6 dollars, you shouldn’t expect too much.

My mom is not in the country right now. With no one on my ass to get my hair cut, it has grown reasonably long and shaggy. This doesn’t bother me very much. I actually like it long; I don’t need to put any gel in it.



  1. I agree. Mommy always makes such a big fuss about getting my hair cut. I like my hair long and unkempt.

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