29 January 2004, mid-afternoon

Taking advantage of the extension given to us on our compilers project, I went to Fed hall last night with Shima, Gary, Simon and Matt. Yesterday night was the Lunarfest celebration put on by the various Asian student associations on campus. I have a lot of friends in the Japanese club, KonJa, so I thought it would be a fun night out.

They began the night with a sort of cultural show, showcasing Asian clothing, music and dance. I love seeing stuff like that. The rest of the world is so interesting. My friend Dan’s Kung-fu group did a little presentation that was quite cool. There is this one little kid in his group that is wicked. One of the girls in the group, who Shima says also does gymnastics, was also quite good at flipping and kicking generally looking very much like someone out of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

They also had some break-dancers. I love break-dancers. There was this one fat guy in the group who you would think couldn’t break dance at all, but who could do all sorts of crazy flips. If I knew how to break-dance I would drop out of school and just break-dance on the street for money. Truly it is the greatest form of dance.

There was a ‘jam’ afterwards, which was alright.



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