Me and You and Everyone We Know

   15 November 2005, early evening

I rented Me and You and Everyone We Know and watched it last night. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from the film, though I had assumed it would be very quirky judging by the trailer. The film is about a recently divorced man who works at a shoe store, his co-worker who works with him, his two children, two girls that live in their neighborhood, a little girl that lives next door to the man and his kids, a woman that runs the museum of contemporary art, a woman that wants to be exhibited in the museum of contemporary art, an old man who has just found love again, and his new found love. What little plot there is to the movie is quite strange. There are some very funny moments in the film, but for the most part you will either sit back and enjoy how strange everything is, or you will be bored to tears. I thought the film was weaker than I had expected it to be, but still would recommend you see it. The music and cinematography are both quite good. I think it is a film you’d need to watch a couple times to really appreciate.

The official Me and You and Everyone We Know web site.



  1. Had you heard any of Miranda July’s stuff before you saw the film? That would have at least given you an idea of what you were in for ;-) My husband has an old cd of hers and to say that it is “quite strange” is perhaps an understatement, but, like the film, it’s oddly compelling….

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