1 November 2011, terribly early in the morning

I’m participating in “Movember”: this year. Movember is a fund-raising event where men agree to grow moustaches during the month of November in exchange for donations towards prostate cancer research. My co-worker organized a team and was trying to get people in the office to join him. I’m not sure how successful his recruitment efforts were. No one wants to grow a moustache: they are ridiculous. I shave bi-weekly, so this didn’t seem like that big a stretch for me. I’m also Sri Lankan, so by all rights I should be walking around with a moustache year round. Why not participate? And it’s for a good cause! My dilemia is that I shave so infrequently because I can’t actually grow much in the way of facial hair. I’ll be curious to see how pre-pubescent I look at the end of the month. With all of that said, please donate to me and my Movember team!



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