Nintendo DS: Day 24 (Animal Crossing: Wild World)

    8 December 2005, late at night

Update: A good place to find friends to play Animal Crossing with is the Live Journal Animal Crossing community. There are tons of people there, and they are constantly playing the game.

Rambot lives in Robotica. (I’m still not that good at picking names.) Although my copy of Animal Crossing for the Gamecube is only a month old, I couldn’t resist getting Animal Crossing: Wild World. My big problem with the Gamecube game is that I’m hardly at home to play it, and when I am home I don’t feel like hogging the television, since my roommate isn’t one to surf on the net when she is bored. A portable Animal Crossing is perfect for someone like myself.

The Nintendo DS version of the game is very similar to the Gamecube version of the game. This may come as a disappointment for some, but I imagine most people buying Animal Crossing just wanted to play it more than they currently do. As such, keeping the game-play so similar may work in Nintendo’s favour. Pretty much all the game-play from the original game is carried forward to the new game. You can still fish, hunt for bugs, look for fossils, sell fruits, and do other such things. I haven’t managed to get the animals to give me any work yet — unlike in the Gamecube version of the game, there doesn’t appear to be a “give me work” option you can pick when chatting with the animal. That said, I have been challenged to a bug hunting competition by one Animal, Gabbi; I have given another two animals some new clothes to wear since they were complaining it was so cold; I have given the jerk that lives in my town, Tank, a fossil since he couldn’t find one himself. I earned a pair of glasses, and a toque for my efforts. The toque has a red pom-pom, which is awesome.

There have been a lot of improvements to the game-play itself. A lot of the tedious elements of the old game have been removed. For example, when you mail out a bunch of letters, you can pick all the letters you want to send in one go, versus picking them one at a time. This is also the case when selling junk to Tom Nook. When you want to get a fossil identified, you no longer have to mail it away to the Faraway Museum. These improvements, as well as others, make the game more enjoyable. The use of the Nintendo DS stylus to control your character works very well. Writing letters using the stylus is a lot easier than doing so using the d-pad.

There are a few new things to do in your town compared to the old game. You can visit a coffee shop in the bottom of the museum; there doesn’t seem to be much going on there just yet in my town. You can look at and label the constellation in the night sky by going to the observatory at the top of the museum. I’m not sure the if constellations are viewable on the second screen at night when you are just wandering around your town; that would be pretty cool. There are also some elements of the original game missing. You can’t take a boat to the tropical island anymore, although this required a Gameboy Advance in the old game anyway. Your town is also a fair bit smaller than the town on the Gamecube. I think most of the limitations in the new game are quite minor, and won’t be noticed by most.

I haven’t had a chance to try out the online game play in Animal Crossing: Wild World yet. So far the only person I know with the game is Chris, who doesn’t have an open enough WiFi connection. Going online should allow you to visit other peoples towns, and also let other people visit your town. This is a lot more convenient then the memory card swapping you needed to do with the Gamecube version of the game. It also lets you play the game with people who could be anywhere in the world. EGM was unimpressed with the online component of the game. I’m not sure I understand their beef though. The game is incredibly inane; why do they expect the online component to be any different?

I am enjoying Animal Crossing: Wild World so far. If you are looking for a strange little game to play, it’s definitely worth looking into. The game is very non-traditional. That said, if you have the Gamecube version, and can play that, they might not be a big enough change for you. I’m not sure if the new elements to the game will be enough for some people who own the original game and are happy with it. I imagine some people will be disappointed with the lack of really innovative changes to the game.

Animal Crossing Friend Code



  1. Kotaku isn’t a fan of Animal Crossing. (The comments in that post are pretty informative; commenters talk about a whole lot of things I didn’t know you could do in the game.)

  2. nice review, I found it on google lol but yah, i think its very informative.

    Feel free to visit my town if you ever get the chance… to anyone who runs across this… Friend Code- 493982086226, Char Name - Joshua, Town Name- NGM

  3. my town is Bethel. My nam is Joey. my friend code is 4252-6255-2556

  4. Town: fooey, Name: ratgook, Friendcode: 0043-5629-0735. Please come to fooey.

  5. i found this on google too and my code is 103140904642 and my name is shilah and town is maroon

  6. If u want :D u can add me


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  7. I wonder how many friend codes I can collect this way. I’ll add you guys and see what happens. If I could set this page to update when I am online that’d be kind of neat. Hm.

  8. Can i move to someones town plz if i can my name is andrew and my town is werdril and my code is 532637793151 plz respond

  9. I showed her around, she checked out my room, we fished together and talked to my residents. As we stood on a moonlit bridge over a little waterfall, I showed her I new how to blush. Expressing emotions is something new in this version of the game. She was shocked and asked me how I did that. “I blush because I really like you,” was my reply. After that, we swapped fossils. -- Kotaku Comment


  10. hey ranman whats ur friend code?and town name

  11. 329299780769

  12. It’s at the bottom of this post, in a box: 1675-6446-1309, Rambot, Robotica.

  13. town:AKAGI


    FRIEND CODE:3093-0188-4237

  14. Town: Bexonia

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  16. It’s me Mike on the top of this post. I need to tell you that I will open the gate at 2:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m., 7:00 p.m., and 8:00 p.m. I will wait for only five min.

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  20. Ramanan, no longer plays Animal Crossing. I do. And I have no clue how to add friends. Sorry people! :o

  21. Visit me as well if you get a chance. I just got the game and I am playing around:

    Friend Code: 0086-6325-4757
    Name: Pauly D
    Town: Fulton

  22. I just started with animal crossing, but it seemed like a pretty cool game to have, and i wanted another one with wi-fi, so i got it, and it’s awesome. I haven’t had anyone visit my town yet, and even though i just started out, it’ll still be cool if somebody came, and if for whoever comes across this, just add me if you want, and i’ll add who all posted on here. And, my name is Cody, town name is Emerica, and my friend code is 4682-2539-7988… so just come if you can. Later.

  23. I am new and need friends please add me I put:

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  26. i have been on this game going on 6 months. havent visited any town and havent had anyone visit me.
    ive added most of you on this website.. but i never see anyone online. i really want to get with someone to play.
    can you email me and let me know where you are and and when you get online i am in san antonio texas usa.. i am central standard time…

    my name…cindy
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  47. name:desmond


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  48. ok ty maybe tommrow we can connect cause im busy today that means tommrow is saterday so at saterday ok?

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  60. who Vanessa lol?

  61. Some bitch that really wants a DS as far as I can tell. Just like I have no idea who you are, I have no idea who she is. Did you and desmond meet up? I should start playing Animal Crossing again. My animals must hate me.

  62. hey ramanan want to connect with me sometime?

  63. Hey do any of u guys wanna connect sometime? I just got my WiFi and I’m looking for someone i can hang out with.

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  69. how do ya get a friend code please reply

  70. You need to set up your Wi-Fi settings. It’s in the Animal Crossing manual. (I think you need to talk to the dogs at the gate.) I haven’t played the game in a while.

    Also, I love this thread.

  71. thanks but r u sure u dont ave 2 buy a wifi connector from the shop

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  73. If you have a wireless router already, then no. If you don’t have a wireless router, then yes.

  74. im tryin 2 get a golden axe but its hard joan always says sorry im out of stock come back next week and when i do she says the same thing! :( :( :( :(

    p.s wat the hell is that thread that u love. p.s i alwats go on the computer at 6.00pm on a weekend

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  76. Hiya! I really want a friend code, and I wish I did have one, but I don’t because I need one of those USB things which I can’t get :(

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  78. hey ur website dosnt work :( i wanted 2 c wat u looked like

  79. name:Seila
    friend code:124641247452

    I need friends.

  80. anyone can leave their town on for 24/7? it would be a great idea so people can help you and we would also have a gain by gettings things from your town that we dont. Seila, do u still play?

  81. my freind code is: 3393-9001-3945
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  82. hi wishing u a happy new year in the real world and on animal crossing!! c u in 2007

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  85. diamonds, 62 comments
    AC:WW, 86 comments

  86. I know. And it’s all random noise for the most part. This thread is a strange eco-system all its own.

  87. wat r u talkin about please speak english ramanan wat do u mean by eco-system,random noise and thread? pleze reply

  88. i mean people come and carry on a conversation here.

  89. i got a golden axe today!!!! it took a lot of time skippen but im glad it was worth it

  90. i think we should ignore what that weiguo says (if thats what your real name is) and ill leave you with message WHAT R U TALKIN ABOUT! try say somethin bad about that weiguo!!!

  91. I think Weiguo is going to change his best comment vote once again.

  92. It’s ironic to ask for English when its not well understood or executed.

    (Ironic in the common usage, not literary.)

  93. hey r u on that weiguos side? and wat the hell is that victor ramblin on about?you carnt belive me 2 understand what you said about thread. p.s (i HAVE 2 MILLION in the bank)

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  95. don’t fall for Tom Nook’s scam! Decades of marketing support his monopoly, allowing him to raise housing prices indiscriminately. Just remember, when you buy something at Nook’s Cranny, the Nook’n‘Go, or, heaven forbid, Nookington’s, you’re supporting his cruel empire, built on the backs of those who DIED paying off his mortgages.

    say NO to Blood Bells — boycott Tom Nook!

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  108. Name:Peaches

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  109. This is a strange little place.

  110. your strange sorry 4 noy replyin my computer broke

  111. hey cole im gettin a wirelesss router soon wen i do ill tell u my friend code

  112. wait, you’ve been posting in this thread for all this time and you don’t actually have a friend code for AC:WW yet?

    i change my vote for Favourite Comment from Dave’s Oxford Comma comment to this one. haha no only joking! does it matter if i havent got a friend code yet im gettin one soon but i need a wireless router and im not aloud one yet.

  113. how old is every1 on here im just curious as i just found this site please reply

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  116. i was thinking the same thing. if i’ve learned anything from watching fox news, he is probably a creepy dude on the internet.

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  121. hi matty im glad some1 still posts messages

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  134. Add me on Animal Crossing!!

    Town: Toronto
    Friend Code: 1160-7180-7424
    Name: Erica <3 (heart)

    Send me an email if you want me to come to your town or if you want to come to visit mine :)


  135. Thx Weiguo I think the name of my town is pretty awesome too :D

  136. I haven’t played Animal Crossing in ages. My Animals must hate me.

  137. What else is there to do if your already done paying off your whole entire loan? Is fishing and bug catching the only things left to do :S

  138. True, I guess I can complete the collections at the museum………“sigh”. But I never knew you could get rare items from donating bells to the poor sister city……..then again I don’t donate that much :S:P
    I think i’ll start donating more often now :D:P lol

  139. name:jordan town:regina code: 451080628985

  140. hi UR ALL BACK




    THANKS !

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  144. I saw a girl about my age sitting on the subway playing AC:WW. I didn’t feel like a 12 year old when I took my DS out to play Zelda.

  145. want2connect

  146. wow, I don’t know if anyone comes on this anymore… but here’s my info just in case:

    Town – New York
    Name – Erika
    Code – 3866-3901-9971

  147. my name is Sky my friend code is 463984051917 town name is Los Bano

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