Nintendo DS: Day 6 (Nintendo WiFI is Awesome)

   16 November 2005, mid-morning

With Nintendo rolling out a free world-wide network to play games over, I think the built in Wi-Fi of the Nintendo DS could turn out be its killer feature. First, and probably most important, the network is dead easy to connect to. Second, and perhaps even more import important, you can play MarioKart DS over the network. To say everyone is going mental over the game would be an understatement. Over at Penny Arcade, Tycho gives a very favourable review of the game and the DS’ Wi-Fi capabilities. One of my favourite Nintendo blogs, Hello Nintendo, offers up a similar opinion on the game. Reviews of the game have been stellar, 1UP’s review pretty typical of the scores the game has been earning. Joystiq thinks the release of MarioKart and the new network may cement the DS’ place in the market. They are probably right on the money. The game comes out in Canada today.



  1. When do you plan to get the game? Mario kart is a wicked game. I have yet to play a bad mario kart.

  2. Double-Dash was really good. The game is more fun when you have people to play with. I guess with the online thing I could always find strangers, but it’d be more fun if I knew other people with Nintendo DS’s that I could play with. I’m not sure when/if i’ll grab the game.

  3. If you face random strangers you can just trash talk them. That alone makes the game infinitely more enjoyable. I doubt you will find anyone else who will buy a DS.

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