One Step Closer to my Dream of Becoming a Skateboarder

   21 December 2007, terribly early in the morning

A shoebox.

I’ve been looking for boots recently. Actually, I was willing to settle for anything remotely suitable for winter weather. This shopping has complicated by the fact I am also spending most of my time wearing some skinny jeans I bought a couple months back. It’s hard to find shoes that go with skinny jeans.

I hopped off the subway at Dundas West station, early for a dentist appointment. I’m not a skater, but since the Junction Skateshop sells shoes and is right next to the station I thought i’d pop in. It’s a cool shop: they have a lot of unique and limited run stuff. I tried on a couple different pairs of Vans, but had to run off before I could buy anything. The dude I was chatting with about shoes was nice enough, so I told him I’d be back.

There is a brief interlude here where I learn my appointment has been delayed. Rather than go back to the shop I decide to go buy a giant tub of detergent that I am way too skinny and weak to carry back to my apartment. Somehow I manage.

After getting my teeth cleaned I was back at the skate shop. This time I thought I’d try on some high top shoes. I’m almost certain I haven’t worn high tops since high school. I was torn between two pairs. The first was a pair of The Quiet Army / Telfords. The second were the ones I bought: the every so slightly more practical all-weather MJ-3 Highs. I am one step closer to my dream of becoming a skateboarder. I’m still undecided if I like the way they look with my jeans. I guess I’ll have to get used to it either way.

As you can see my life is very simple and uncomplicated.



  1. love the jeans

  2. Thanks. I think i’ll have to write a post about them at some point. Probably one of the more extravagant purchases I’ve made in my life. (I used to make fun of Mezan so much for the money he spent on jeans.)

  3. Dude let’s just buy skateboards lol.

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