Persian Food

   18 December 2003, lunch time

I went to Zaffron last night for some Persian food. The restaurant was quite good, and a nice change of pace from the usual venues my friends and I check out. There were seven of us out, Shima, Gary, Ghrace, Rishi, Dave, Martha and myself. I will probably post pictures from that night on We Must Abuse the Broadband.

I’m still a bit sick, but not that bad at all really. Unfortunately, the medicine I was given to take by my Doctor knocks me out.



  1. man zabanam kheyli khoob nist,aslan agar khoob ham bood haminjoori mineveshtam.vaghti adam farsi ro ba loghate “ENGLISH” minevise kheyli ehsase goftegooye tamaddonha mikone.mifahmid ke?
    taze adam fekr mikone ye chizayi ham az zaban sareshe.
    be har hal in adam ehsas kone ye chizayi az zaban sareshe be nazaram ehsase kheyli mohemmie.

  2. “My [english] is not so well, even if it was I would still write like this. When you write Farsi using the english alphabet you feel like [??]. Do you you know what I’m talking about?
    Sometimes you even think you undrestand the language completely. Any how, these feels are very important.
    Take Care. ”

    I think thats the just of it, I’m not sure about some of the words, so I’ve guessed.

    Ali can probably fill in the blanks.

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