Peter Pan

    5 July 2005, evening time

Ahilan and I were bored Saturday. We decided to watch Peter Pan after looking through Krishna’s DVDs for something to watch. I had already seen this latest incarnation of Peter Pan with Shima back when it was out in the cinemas. I enjoyed the film and thought watching it again might be nice. I assume I don’t need to go in to the plot of the movie. I thought the film makers did a great job of bringing the movie to life. With modern day special effects, the fantastic elements of the story really come to life. I thought all the children did a great job playing their parts to boot. Olivia Williams plays the John, Michael, and Wendy’s mother, and she was looking as charming as ever. (Also, Ahilan brought to my attention something I missed the first time I watched the film: Captain Hook and the children’s Father are both played by the same actor. I thought this strange till I read that this was quite common.) I thought the film was quite good—as children’s movies go anyway.

The official Peter Pan web site



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