Referrer Logs

   15 May 2004, mid-afternoon

I’ve taken to looking at my referrer logs to see who is viewing my site. Basically, a referrer log will keep track of the URLs that are sending people to your site. For example, someone was so enamored with Rishi’s comment as Willy Wonka on my post about the price of Moveable Type that they linked to it (see the noted column). When someone clicked on that link, the address of the site the link was on was saved in my referrer logs. I’ve found lots of interesting sites by looking at these logs.

I recently posted in my links a link to my favourite picture by Fredrik (of fame), and this was picked up by someone who runs a site called coolspot.

I wrote a script to import Moveable Type export files into Textpattern. The script runs as a web page, and has a link back to my homepage. I get the occasional referrer from my script to the page about my script. It is interesting to see who has used my script to start their new Textpattern site. Of course, it is also a bit depressing, since, more often then not, the script doesn’t work.



  1. wow, the web really is a web after all.

    on a side note, i’d like to openly admit to jacking my ideas from hypercard.

  2. I always suspected as much.

  3. This post is almost at 15,000 requests since I started counting hits to individual pages. I think about 14900 of those hits are referrer spammers.

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