Shaun of the Dead

   27 December 2004, the wee hours

After a reasonably long day of boxing day shopping my friends and I returned to Scarborough to watch a movie. We ended up watching Shaun of the Dead. Despite plenty of DVD player mishaps, we managed to make it through the movie. As an aside, old PS2s suck at playing DVDs. Shaun of the Dead isn’t your typical zombie film. The movie is about a slacker who has to rise to the occasion and defend his friends and family from rampaging zombies. The movie is quite funny; the gore is quite gory; the acting is top notch. All in all this is a very solid film.

The official Shaun of the Dead



  1. I loved Shaun of the Dead, and rented it to watch Christmas Eve with my wife and her family. My brother in-law, who takes things way, way too seriously, was frustrated for the whole movie because nobody did what he thought they should (for example: “I mean, a cricket bat is okay, but if they had really been thinking, they would have found a samurai sword”. And he’s really, genuinely, angry that nobody went and got a sword to fight zombies.) He just never got the clue that it was a movie, somehow. Freaked me out.

    Still, awesome movie, and the DVD has a ton of great extras.

  2. i whill not ben cool if that wase rell i wold shot my head of

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