Sometimes, You Just Need to Eat A Lot of Beef

   22 May 2004, late afternoon

Friday was a dull day, till about six in the evening, when Carvill and Mezan arrived at my house. Shortly after Rishi showed up and the three of us made our way to Midland and Finch to get some Korean BBQ. Gary was coming in from Waterloo so I expected an entertaining evening. Korean BBQ is excellent. Gary arrived at the restaurant a half hour or so after we did, with his roommate Janet, girlfriend Michelle, and friend Kerrianne.

After eating a lot of food, we all headed back to my place to loiter. Janet had a wager on last nights basketball game, so we all chatted while watching the game. She lost her bet. Prasanna showed up at some point in time, chatted with my parents about arranged marriages and India, and then left to go home. We spent a good amount of time at my place chatting, but eventually we decided that a change of scenery would be nice.

I suggested Barcode, a new bar that replaced what used to be a very infamous Just Deserts, at Kennedy and Sheppard. We walked in to the bar to find they were playing Jungle—not on a CD mind you—there was a DJ spinning the stuff. How perfect is that? The place can’t make a good dessert, but they definitely know how to make a Strawberry Daiquiri. We were all impressed with the Daiquiri Michelle ordered, it was made with fresh strawberries. I’ll definitely have to check out Barcode again. Any lounge you can call for a rewind in is ok with me.

I took plenty of pictures, with three sets of cameras. At some point in time I’ll need to grab them all.

Everyone who was out except gary.



  1. Rishi looks like he’s the only person having fun there.

  2. There was plenty of fun being had, let me tell you.

  3. it’s because rishi exists in a fantasy world, leaving him completely oblivious his physical surroundings.

    come check out my celebrity car show!!

  4. I can’t believe Barcode turned out to be good. Next time I guess.

  5. Mezan, they had 3 DJ’s there, one who does breaks, one who does house, and one who does Jungle. We heard the jungle guy first, and then the breaks guy.

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