"Go Get 'Em, Tiger!"

   10 July 2004, mid-afternoon

The dialogue still hasn’t improved, but at least the movie as a whole has. I watched Spiderman 2 this past friday with Gary and Shima—neither of them seemed too impressed with the film. I thought this sequel was a lot better then the first movie. The action sequences are superb. I enjoy watching all the Spideman flying around New York scenes, so I may have some sort or bias. Doc Oc is a cooler bad guy as well in my opinion. I think this movie is truer to the comic then the previous film. My hope is that they get better writers for the film. X-Men 2 remains the greatest comic book movie of all time.

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  1. X-Men 2 did rock, I was very pleased about that. I haven’t seen Spidy 2 yet, but I watch Spidyman 1 all the time, and I don’t think the dialog is that bad, sure it’s trite, but some of the lines in X-Men 2 are also very trite.

    I really need to see Spiderman 2, everyone I know has seen it already, and everyone tells me it’s a great movie.

  2. Spidey 2 was awesome. It was much, much funnier (and also more heart wrenching) than the first.

    But let’s get one thing straight. Wolverine pinning that soldier to the fridge in X-2? There are few more kickass moments in any movie, ever.

  3. My beef with Spiderman 1 is with all the Mary-Jane/Peter Parker dialog. The dialog between the two of them is even worse in Spiderman 2 I would say—for the most part. Anyways, I thought the film was wicked.

    And that whole sequence in X-2 was fucking wicked. The opening with Nightcrawler is crazy as well. Greatest opening to a movie—ever.

  4. Or the part where Wolverine is in iceman’s kitchen… and he turns around, shoots his claws out, and the cat licks them.

    There are a ton of great action scenes in X-2.

  5. Alright. You win. inserts X-2 into PowerBook

  6. Spoilers Spoilers Spoilers

    The thing I dug the most about Spider-Man 2 is the story. I’m a huge Sam Raimi fan and I’ve admired his storytelling since his “Evil Dead” days. :-)

    In Spider-Man 2, Raimi showcases his powers and the fight scenes and all, but I got totally immersed with little things like…
    – Peter nearly getting fired from his pizza delivery job. – his costume running when he washed it. – his aunt’s house getting foreclosed upon. – Peter’s sporadic loss of powers and how he sought psychologoical help. – his disappointment at having lost his professor’s admiration when he falls behind on his studies.

    ... all the little things that make Spider-man a real guy to me. I loved it!

    For what it’s worth, I loved X-2, also. Much better than X-men.

  7. I feel bad for all those people from the El, since we all know that anyone who isn’t a superhero themselves and discovers one’s secret identity will invariably die or be locked up in a mental institution.

    One of the things that I found ridiculous from the first was that the Green Goblin could be driven away by a bunch of angry taxi drivers throwing fruit and wrenches at him, this being the same villain that atomized the board of directors, threw MJ off a bridge and dropped a cable car full of school children. I’m glad that when that scene was replayed in 2, Doc Ock gave his “this is bullshit” look and just pushed everyone out of the away.

  8. Hey Ramanan, sorry about the spoilers in my last comment. I got so into writing about Raimi and Spider-Man 2 that I just assumed most folks had already seen it. Now that I think about it, that was kinda stupid of me. I’ll be more careful about blowing the surprises in the future. I promise. :-)

  9. I think most people who read my site have seen the movie by now, but I just thought i’d add the warning just incase. I don’t think you’re really giving away anything too important to the plot anyway.

    Speaking of killing people who know your secret identity, I just watched the episode of Smallville where they explain how Clark’s adoption came to pass, and the involvement of Luthor in the process. That episode is wicked. It’s the episode where some lady comes to town claiming to be Clark’s mother. She ends up in an insane asylum, after breaking an ax on Clark.

  10. dude, just wait til season 3…. the knowing his identity thing get WAY better… episode 8 and 9

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